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Nice write-up.

Interestingly, in DeFi, DAO treasuries were first convinced to gain yield on funds through composable integrations with money markets, undercollateralized lending protocols and delta-neutral strategies.

With the arrival of the bear market, yields have compressed and access to US treasuries, corporate debt and MMFs results in equivalent or better yields at significantly less risk - yet there are few solutions for this.

Being an SMB owner, I can confirm the pain of treasury management. While a corporate CFO may know about MMFs and can tranche treasuries to maximize returns on what otherwise would be in idle in a bank account, the average finance person at a 5-50 person SMB does not. For them, the abysmal returns of the bank and related fees are the only route. Otherwise you have to create a corporate account at a broker (e.g. Interactive Brokers) and purchase the products directly, and this isn't within everyone's skillset.

Strikes me that Vesto can have a great captive audience here. Just have to reach those people.

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