"This is not to attack or devalue science, but to reveal its richness as the human endeavor that it most surely is."
How the greatest venture firm considered investing in one of the greatest startups.
Answering the question: what are some lessons learned through playing StarCraft that are useful in real life?
Businesses that appear to be commoditized can often times outperform even the strongest products and services.
Facebook still services 1.9B DAUs. Tom Alison, Meta's Head of Facebook, outlined their forward-looking strategy in this memo to employees.
Imagine you just raised a $10 million seed round for your startup. Congratulations! This means more hiring, more building, more expansion, and enough…
The iconic companies and individuals of past decades tend to take one of two paths to success: hyper-focus, or ruthless diversification. Bill Gates…
The market from last decade wasn't too unfamiliar. How did a world-class CEO navigate it?
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